Vol. 2 No. 1; March 2014

Methodology for Hierarchization of Competences: A Fast Decision-Making Algorithm Applied to Organizations in Brazil
Brillo de Carvalho, J.B; Cosenza C.A.N
Can Labor Market Flexibility Affect Unemployment? A Panel Data Analysis
Teheni EL Ghak Zribi, Hazar Temmi, Nadia Zrelli
Internal Service Quality and Job Performance: Does Job Satisfaction Mediate?
Safdar Nazeer, M Mohsin Zahid, Malik Faisal Azeem
The Decline in Trade Union Density in the 21stcentury in Zimbabwe. A case of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU)
Qinisani Bhebe, Mildred Mahapa
“Demographic and Environment Factors Influence on Training and Development Effectiveness” in Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Selected Hotels in Chennai
S. M. Denis Amritharaj, Dr. Vanathi Vembar