Turnover Opportunity and Intention to Leave: The Role of Moral Obligation as A Mediator
Dr. Khatijah Omar, Dr. Abdul Halim Abdul Majid, Dr. Husna Johari, Dr. Marhana Mohamed Anuar

The demand for nurses is expected to increase in the coming decades while the supply of nurses is expected to decrease. The situation is worsening when many trained nurses especially in public hospitals are offered with various opportunities that include better perks and higher salaries to serve in the private sector locally and in foreign countries. Consequently, nurses’ intention to leave has become an important research topic. This study investigated the relationship between turnover opportunity and intention to leave among nurses in Malaysian public hospitals and the role of moral obligation as a mediator in the relationship between turnover opportunity and intention to leave. The study focused on public hospital nurses in Peninsular Malaysia and limited to testing mediating effect of moral obligation between turnover opportunities and intention to leave. Main findings show that not only turnover opportunity positively relates to intention to leave among Malaysian public hospital nurses, but also moral obligation does play a significant mediating role between the two variables. Thus the findings offer to provide additional views on the issue and should facilitate in drafting better retention strategies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jhrmls.v2n3-4a1