The Evolution of Acceptance of a Non-Traditional University Program into University Mainstream Culture
Stephen B. Springer, Melisa Kakas, Portia M. Gottschall

The Department of Occupational, Workforce and Leadership Studies at Texas State University has undergone major changes since the beginning of the Office of Occupational Education in the early 1970s. A program that was before its time offering credit for work-life competencies, credit for CLEPs and DANTES, and off campus education was to survive internal and external threats through the years. In 2012, the program was awarded a name change and departmental status. This paper provides a historical narrative along with recommendations for programs and departments that may address adult student learning needs. The struggles are chronicled and specific strategies taken are discussed, such as building semester hour credit and establishing alliances with traditional departments.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jhrmls.v3n1a2