Understanding the Industrial Economy and Workers´┐Ż Rights in Tanzania: Prospects and Challenges under a New Industrial Strategy
Polycarp Africanus

Although the industrial sector has historically played a very minimal role in the Tanzania's structural transformation, the desire for the industrial economy is presently re-emphasised via the Tanzania Development Vision, 2025. The vision goal is to transform the economy through industrialisation and thereby; moving the country to middle-income status by 2025.While economic growth is impressively increasing; the author argues that growth alone, without protecting workers? rights, is likely to marginalize and exclude the workers from the benefits of growth; consequently, leading to exacerbation of poverty rather than improved workers' quality of livelihood which is also envisioned. The article addresses the question of whether or not workers? rights are protected along with economic growth and recommends adoption of the UN global compact's ten principles towards protecting workers' rights along with economic growth.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jhrmls.v6n1a1